Terms and Conditions

I. General terms of commercial conditions, definitions

1.1 General terms of commercial conditions

1.1.1 The Commercial conditions for the use of payment account within Alephpay LTD (hereinafter referred to as the “Commercial conditions”) regulate the mutual rights and obligations of the payment service provider, the company Alephpay LTD., registration number 51726987, legal address: Elipelet 26, Tel Aviv, ISRAEL (hereinafter referred to as the System Alephpay ) and the Clients using payment services provided by Alephpay system (hereinafter referred to as the “Сlient Account”).

1.1.2 By accepting and agreeing with General terms and conditions the Client accepts contract for use and establishment of the Client’s Account and using of related payment services (the "Agreement").

1.1.3 The Commercial conditions determine in more detail the content of the Contract in accordance with the provisions of §1751 Law № 89/2012, the Commercial Code, as amended, and regulate, in particular, the mutual rights and obligations of the contracting parties.

1.1.4 The Contracting Parties take actions to sign the Contract and state that, at the time of the Contract, they know the current commercial conditions and that they express their unconditional agreement to the content of these conditions. The Contracting Parties undertake to be guided in the wording of the Commercial conditions, which are up-to-date at the moment of signing of the Contract. The text of the Commercial conditions is published on the Internet, at the web-site www. Alephpay.com The Commercial conditions in the printed version are available at the location of the company Alephpay LTD.

1.2 Definitions

1.2.1 The "Provider" is the company Alephpay LTD, which was registered in the Register of the payment service providers, and is the operator of payment system Alephpay. The Payment System Alephpay, hereinafter referred to as " Alephpay ", as well as the "System". The access to the System and the client account is provided with a computer interface (hereinafter referred to as the "web interface").

1.2.2 The "Сlient Account" is a payment account for the acceptance and management of money and is used to provide payment services according to the provisions of §3 Law № 284/2009, the Code on payments.

1.2.3 The "Partner" is a business partner of the Provider, who receives payments for goods and services, as well as other money transfers ongoing through the client’s account (hereinafter referred to only as the "Payments").

1.2.4 The "Client" is a person or legal entity who, based on the Сontract with the Provider, uses the Client’s account when making payments to the recipients.

1.2.5 The "Exchange transaction" means the exchange of Czech crowns to other currency or an exchange in the reverse order, or an exchange of two other currencies. In this case, all exchange transactions can be implemented only as supplement service to payment services provided.

1.2.6 The "Cancellation of a client account" is the settlement of liabilities and claims between the Client and the Provider in accordance with all requirements and obligations arising under and in connection with the use of this account, in the manner set out in the Commercial conditions.

1.2.7 The "Payment" means any transaction that Client wishes to perform by means of a client account, and which is carried out on the conditions stated below.

II. Payments made through the customer account

2.1 The Provider has the right to appeal to the client account belonging to the holder, only in accordance with and pursuant to the Holder guidelines, as well as under the Contract and the Commercial conditions. The Client has the right to use the client’s account only in accordance with contracts, commercial conditions and principles specified on the Internet on the website www.worldcore.eu.

2.2 The Client has the right to demand, via the Provider, to carry out the client account transactions, which are described in the Commercial conditions or on the website worldcore.eu and which are also Payments made by Partners or transaction fees for the exchange. Payments can be made only in the manner specified in the Commercial conditions or on the relevant web-site.

2.3 If the Client requires a transaction, the amount of which is higher than the balance on the client account, the Provider may refuse to comply with this requirement and inform the Client of such refusal.

2.4 The Client has no right to require the Provider to make payments to entities, other than the Partners or to provide other services not mentioned on the website www.worldcore.eu.

2.5 The maximum payment amount is regulated by Anti-Money Laundring Policy of Alephpay.

2.6 The System Alephpay provides the most streamlined process of acquisition, implementation and performance of certain transactions in the system. The Client has the right to use the System Alephpay only for payment services specified in §3 Law № 284/2009, the Code on payments and only in case of valid and properly concluded cooperation agreements with business partners who are the real providers of services paid through the System Alephpay.

III. Opening of a payment account in the System Alephpay and its use

3.1 The registration and payment order of the Clients is made through the website www. Alephpay.com or through business partners’ web-sites. In any case, the Client must pass the KYC process, primarily provide relevant data, such as: name, address, ID number (passport or foreign passport), address, e-mail. After proper completion of registration, the Client receives the data needed to access his client account. For more information and details about KYC process please visit www. Alephpay.com.

3.2 All information pertaining to registration, including a form for registration and detailed instructions on the use of the services available at www. Alephpay.com and on business partners’ web - sites. The form for registration as well as the entire system is properly protected from unwanted interference by third parties.

3.3 The Alephpay has the right to dispose of the data provided by the Client only in a manner that complies with the relevant provisions of Act № 101/2000 on Protection of Personal Data and on Amendments to Certain Laws, as amended. The Client provides such data, thus expressing his consent to their treatment in such amounts and for such purpose, which correspond to the generally binding legal regulations.

3.4 The Alephpay will send to the Client by e-mail to the address specified by the Client in the registration form, the proof of registration, as well as other instructions and description of services.

3.5 The Alephpay may apply to the Client with the requirement to amend or supplement the information specified at the registration and vice versa.

3.6 The Alephpay shall not be liable for any losses incurred by the Client as a result of using his data for access by third parties. In case of loss, theft or possible misuse of any data, the Client must apply to the The Alephpay by email or contact form, demanding the cancellation of the existing access data access and provide new data for access to his client account. The Provider will execute the cancellation of the access data without any undue delay.

3.8 Having ordered a transaction or other related payment service on the site, the Client gives the Provider the order to fulfil the order. The System Alephpay informs the Client of the receipt of application by sending an appropriate message to the Client at his e-mail, or through the interface of the web site.

3.9 The Client has 30 minutes to complete the transaction once it has started. If not, the Client is being logged out from the Client’s account.

3.10 After the subject amount comes into the System Alephpay, the system performs the transaction from the Client’s account according to the payment order. If for some reason, the transfer cannot be carried out, the transaction is repeated as many times as necessary for the successful transfer. The Client has the right to cancel an incomplete payment, as well as check the status of the payment at any time through his Client’s account after logging in to the System Alephpay.

3.11 The payment is completed at the time of the transfer of amount from the System to the business partner’s account according to payment order of the Client.

3.12 Payments, payment orders and other transactions are accepted only through the interface of the website and are fixed by the software and hardware tools of the website.

3.13 In case of return of funds, commission fees are deducted from the funds, which have been transferred to the Client’s account. In case of cancellation of the payment, which was caused by technical mistake or other misfunction of the Alephpay, the commission fees are not deducted from the funds on the client account.

3.14 The Alephpay shall have the right to refuse to provide the payment service, indicating the reasons for such refusal.

IV. Duties and responsibilities of the Provider

4.1 The Alephpay will send the data and further instruction for the access to the Client’s account to the email address specified during the Client’s registration.

4.2 In the event of disputes with the Client, the Alephpay is obliged to prove that the transaction, which is the subject of the dispute, was not influenced by technical or other failure.

4.3 The Alephpay will provide the Client with the possibility to check at any time the transactions and the balance of the amount stored on his Client’s account, through access to the Client account.

4.4 The Alephpay is responsible for the lost part of the money, stored or transferred from the Client’s account, as well as for the erroneous implementation of the Client’s transaction, where such loss or faulty implementation of the transaction are the result of a malfunction of the System Alephpay, instrument or other device, and the malfunction was not caused by provable conscious or unconcious actions of the Client. However, the Provider shall not be liable for any loss suffered by the Client as a result of loss of System access data provided to the Client, or for any damages resulting from criminal acts of third parties, or due to an error on the side of the Client, which took place during the payment order.

4.5 The Alephpay reserves the right to block any relevant amount or the entire amount on the Client account or deactivate Client’s account in case he has doubts about the origin of the money, the purpose of the transaction, unsettled payments and other concerns. Blocking the amount cannot be made without notice to the Client.

V. Duties and responsibilities of the Client

5.1 The Client has the right to use the Client’s account only in compliance with the Commercial terms and principles published on the website www. Alephpay.com Particularly, he must observe all principles aimed at ensuring the security of money and financial transactions.

5.2 The Client is obliged to inform the Alephpay in case of loss or theft, as well as in the case of any possible misuse of the access data, without any delay, and submit a request for new access data.

VI. Recharge of funds on the Client’s account. Information on the status of funds and the operations carried out by using the account

6.1 The Client has the right to recharge and deposit the amount of money on his of other Client’s account at any time. The recharge of the Client’s account can be performed only in the way described on the website www.worldcore.eu.

6.2 The Provider provides the Client with the possibility to obtain information about the available balance on the Client’s account at any time, using the application or the web interface, based on the Client’s request.

6.3 The provisions of this Article shall not affect the Client’s right to require the closure of his Client’s account in the manner specified in Article VII of the Commercial conditions.

VII. Cancellation of the Client’s account, reverse exchange of money

7.1. The Client has the right to terminate the Agreement. The period of termination is equal to 15 days counted from the first day after receiving the notice of termination. The Provider will deactivate the Client’s account at midnight of the last day of termination.

7.2 In case if the Client hasn’t performed any activity or transactions through his Client’s account within one year, the Alephpay has the right to terminate the Agreement and close the Client’s client account. The Alephpay shall inform the Client of the termination of the Agreement and the closure of his Client’s account. The period of termination is equal to 30 days counted from the first day of the calendar month following the date of delivery of notice of termination. The Client’s account will be closed at midnight, on the last day of termination.

7.3. During the closure of the client account, the Alephpay deduces from the current account balance the amount of payments made prior to the closure of the client account, commission fees for transferring money from the banking account of the Provider to the banking account of the Client as well as the penalties for breach of the Contract according the current price list. The Provider will transfer the final balance by any possible and chosen means.

7.5 The Client may require a reverse exchange of money in accordance with the Commercial conditions and without the closure of his Client’s account. The provisions of the Commercial conditions governing the closure of client accounts, will apply with the corresponding changes.

7.6 The reverse exchange of money can be made on the Client’s order, submitted through the electronic form or through the website www.worldcore.eu. In the case of reverse exchange, the Client pays to the Provider the expenses directly incurred in connection with such reverse exchange. First of all, the bank fees for the transfer of funds from the account of the Provider to the account of the Client. The amount of these fees will be deducted from the balance on the Client’s account. The reverse exchange of money will be made within the deadline set for reverse exchanges on weekdays. The reverse exchange will be made by any appropriate and available means of transfer.

VIII. The Alephpay expenses and remuneration

8.1 In the case of reverse exchange of money, as well as in the case of closure of the Client’s account, the Alephpay is entitled to claim reimbursement of necessary expenses related to the implementation of these transactions. Here, it is the amount of commission fees withheld by the bank during the transfer of funds, penalties caused by chargebacks, refund and fraud operations and commission fee of the system Alephpay.

8.2 The Alephpay is entitled to receive the remuneration for services and penalties associated with the use of Client’s account and the effected transactions, according to the price list, which is available at www.worldcore.eu. The fees table for the services in its printed version is available at the office of the Provider.

IX. Сlaims on effected transactions

9.1 The Client has the right to file a claim to the Alephpay for wrongly executed transactions within 14 days after the determination of such operations, but not later than 1 year after the erroneous transaction. The claim must be sent to the address of the Alephpay in written form or by electronic mail. After the receipt of the claim, the Alephpay will perform an investigation to determine its validity. The Alephpay shall, within one month after receiving a written complaint, to inform the Client of the results of his investigation and report his opinion regarding the claim.

9.2 In the case of fulfilment of conditions, under which the Alephpay is responsible for the effected erroneous transaction (Article 4 of the Commercial conditions), the Alephpay must deposit the amount of money on the Client’s account, which subject to such erroneous transaction and for which the Alephpay is responsible.

X. Final provisions, changes in the Commercial conditions

10.1 The commercial conditions do not affect the provisions of the generally binding legal regulations governing the protection of the consumer.

10.2 The Provider reserves the right to make changes to the Commercial conditions, and both the amended and applicable Commercial conditions are considered at the time of their publication on the Internet at www.worldcore.eu.

10.3 The Client has the right to terminate the contract within one month from the date of published changes in the Commercial conditions by his written notice of termination delivered to the Alephpay. If the Client doesn’t terminate the contract, it will be considered as his unconditional consent to the changes in the Commercial conditions.

10.4 The Alephpay provides the archiving of the Commercial conditions.

XI. Resolution of Disputes

11.1 If the Client, under the commercial conditions, has filed a claim for faulty operation or unsuccessfully tries to obtain any other compensation from the Alephpay, he is entitled to apply for financial arbitrator. The financial arbitrator helps to resolve disputes that arise between the Alephpay and the Clients during payment service providing under Act № 229/2002, on financial arbitrator These Commercial conditions were accepted in Tel Aviv, on 21.9.2017.

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