Using AlephPay Solution

How can i use AlephPay services?
A: Get started with AlephPay in five easy steps
  • Download AlephPay App from the App store/play store
  • Register using any DL or passport
  • Activate your AlephPay Mastercard – it’s easy, the app will guide you
  • Deposit money via ACH transfer/check scanning/cash deposit
  • start using your card and cross-border payment services
Can I own more than one E-Wallet or AlephPay Card?
Each AlephPay user has one application, one e-wallet and one credit card
Do I need to link bank/PayPal accounts?
No, Just link your prepaid Mastercard that AlephPay will provide you. You will be asked to insert the numbers on the card,Exp date,CVV and to choose your PIN and you are ready to go
How do I Scan my Check?
The AlephPay App features automatic image capture, so taking pictures of your checks is easy!

First, sign the back of your check and make sure the lighting in the room is good. Then, lay the check on a solid-colored background, front-side up, so that none of the check information is covered up. Sign-into the AlephPay App and tap ‘Cash a Check.’ Tap the first check image field and position your mobile device over the check at a slight angle so that you don’t cast a shadow on the check. Fit the corners of the check inside the guidelines and watch the box turn green. (It happens quickly, so don’t blink or you’ll miss it!) Turn the check over and tap the second check image field to repeat the process and take a photo of the back of the check.If auto image capture moves too quickly for you, or your device doesn’t support it, you can take a picture manually by tapping the camera and flash icons on your screen.

After you take pictures of your check, the app will display the amount of the check. Simply confirm that the amount is accurate or correct it, and tap ‘Next.’ Continue to follow the screen prompts to choose when you want your money and where you want us to send it. Review your transaction details on the Confirm screen and then submit the check for review.
How do I choose where to send my money?
Every time you submit a check, your money will be send directly to your AlephPay prepaid Mastercard Don’t worry! It’s easier than you might think. The app will guide you through the process. In order to fund your prepaid card or PayPal you first have to link your prepaid card in AlephPay. When you cash a check, you will be prompted to take a picture of the front and back and confirm the check amount.
What do I do with my check after I submit it?
If we approve your check, we may ask you to void your check and send a picture of your voided check to us for review before we release your funds to your selected accounts. Hold on to your check until you receive confirmation in the app or via email that your accounts have been funded. You can also check your prepaid card balance to confirm that your funds have been posted.

AlephPay E-Wallet

how to fund my E-wallet account
You can fund your E-wallet via Bank wire/ACH, check scanning or cash deposit.
Is there any limit to load my account with bank wire?
Yes, the limit is $9900 a month
How do I transfer money to my AlephPay prepaid cards?
The money is been transferred automatically and posted to your prepaid card upon deposits
How can I view all my transactions details?
Your application gives you access to view the history transactions live.

AlephPay Cards

Where can I use AlephPay?
The AlephPay card is a Mastercard® prepaid card, which means you can use it at over 30 million Mastercard® outlets worldwide – including 1.5 million ATM’s. The cards will come embossed with your name, AlephPay E-wallet dashboard is intuitive and highly responsive: any changes you make to your prepaid card facilities or balances are implemented instantly
Is AlephPay a credit card/debit card?
With AlephPay, you can only spend the funds you’ve transferred to the wallets. The balances are updated in real time, and we’ll never charge interest on purchases. What’s on the screen is what’s on the card – in real time, all the time.

Security and Privacy

Where is my money been held?
our money is been held with MasterCard issuing bank under Mastercard supervision. in other words, your funds are always protected by being kept independent of AlephPay’s assets.
How does AlepPay protect my data?
AlephPay will never share your information with anyone. This applies to personal information as well as financial data. We’ll only ask for the very minimal amount data that we need. Learn more about our privacy policy.
What should I do if my card is lost or stolen, or if I notice unauthorised transactions?
block the card immidiatly Via the block button located in the AlephPay E-wallet. Once you’ve done this, contact us on businesssupport@www.alephpay.com. We’ll cancel the card for good, and issue you a new card. If you think your card has been used fraudulently, we’ll work together to investigate and resolve the situation promptly. Thanks to AlephPay’s real time balances, spending notifications and a 24/7 access to block/unblock the card, you’ll be safer than ever from fraud and theft.

More Questions

For any other questions you can use the support button on your AlephPay App. For further questions Please get in touch at business support@www.alephpay.com if you have any questions or comments about AlephPay Business.
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