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About Us

AlephPay provides payment services using USD redeemable Stable Coin (APD). AlephPay is integrated and collaborates with MasterCard and other known financial institution partners to provide a comprehensive solution to the 19 trillion cash and electronic payments economy.
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About Us
Crypto to USD instantly - convert your crypto and receive USD to your AlephPay card
Easy registration - Open account in 5 min
Multi currency MasterCard - use our card globally without paying fees
No bank account needed - operate financially without bank account
Redeemable USD baked token instantly to you AP MasterCard
Security-funds secured with our MasterCard partner


AlephPay provides a much-needed solution for: commerce & payroll companies that need to do day to day transactions, micro-payments and rebates, companies that have recurring payments such as rent or salaries as well as those lending and hedging fiat or cryptos while avoiding volatility.


Users download the AlephPay app which consists of a digital wallet and receive a multi-currency prepaid debit card where they can redeem their APD to USD instantly. The App is available on IOS and Android and enables individuals to operate financially without the need for a bank account as well as store value for long-term hedging: i.e miners to cover recurring costs ensuring a stable income.

USD Redeemable Stable Coin (APD)

Using Smart contracts AlephPay is issuing redeemable USD Stable Coins that can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. Users can buy, sell, transfer or redeem their APD with a press of a button and receive USD to their AlephPay debit card instantly.
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